About Us

Yotzeret Publishing is dedicated to publishing books we are passionate about, with at least as much focus on the quality of content as on the commercial bottom line. We believe that if we love these books as much as we do, there are others who love them, too.

Founded on the value of K’lal Yisrael, we encourage books that reflect the diversity of Jews and Jewish practice. Our books are accessible to readers of all backgrounds and beliefs.

The word yotzeret means “she creates” in Hebrew and the stylized “Y” of our trademarked logo contains the Hebrew letter tzaddi.

Our mission is to publish books written from a Jewish perspective, with a specialty in those written by women authors. Why women authors, you may ask? Because outside of children’s books, women are sadly under-represented in Jewish literature. We are working toward a change in that.

We are a family-owned publisher based in St. Paul, Minnesota, where we are always on the lookout for great books, talented authors, and tasty kosher food. It is perhaps because of our Jewish perspective that we strongly support those who are underrepresented or unfairly judged. To that end, we are very much in favor of independent publishers over the “Big Six” New York publishing houses, and independent bookstores over the bookstore chains.

Yotzeret Publishing is a member of IBPA – the Independent Book Publishers Association, Minnesota Book Publishers Roundtable, and Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA).


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