EJN Reviews The Daughter Who Got Away


The Edmonton Jewish News gave a lovely review to Leora Freedman's The Daughter Who Got Away. They write, in part: "The Daughter Who Got Away is a multi-layered coming of age story by author Leora Freedman. It’s an enjoyable read that explores family bonds, mother daughter relationships and many of the nuances of small Jewish communities. […] Read More



Literary novel explores mother-daughter reconciliation in Canadian wilderness Celia is a 70-year-old New York artist and educator whose grown daughter Sharon has escaped the pace and expectations of Jewish East coast life to live in a tumble-down cabin in British Columbia.  Following a personal crisis, Celia braves a visit to the wilderness, where she and […] Read More

Jessica Fishman

Jessica Fishman

Having grown up in a Midwestern Jewish and Zionist family, Jessica Fishman moved to Israel after graduating from Indiana University with degrees in journalism and business. She spent her first few years in the country serving in the Israel Defense Forces, learning the Hebrew language, and getting acclimated to the country. Jessica has written a […] Read More


Strength to Stand by Sheyna Galyan

Media Contact: Linda White     651-246-5727     Linda@bookmaniaonline.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ESCALATING STALKER SPELLS TERROR Psychological thriller explores intolerance in religious, cultural divides   SAINT PAUL, MN – May 27, 2015 – Rabbi David Cohen has a problem. He doesn’t have his own rabbi. And this is stressing him out. But when his friend […] Read More

Jewish Thriller Takes on Intolerance with Humor, Chills

Strength to Stand by Sheyna Galyan

St. Paul, MN — Yotzeret Publishing, which publishes books written from a Jewish perspective with a specialty in those written by women authors, announced the forthcoming publication of Sheyna Galyan’s Strength to Stand. How much intolerance should we tolerate? And if the answer is none, aren’t we also being intolerant? Those are the questions at […] Read More

Leora Freedman


Leora Freedman is a writer of literary fiction. Her characters attempt to find meaning in Judaism, relate to the State of Israel, and live as Jews while fully engaged in the wider world. Her first novel, The Ivory Pomegranate (Gefen Publications, Israel), is about a group of graduate students who confront their own heritage amidst […] Read More

Publishing Memoirs (especially Shoah/Holocaust)

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Everyone has a story, and no two stories are exactly alike. I'll just put that out there as a given. Should every story be told? That's a matter of opinion. There are some subsets of life stories that are often given greater weight, most notably stories about those who have survived something big and lived to […] Read More

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Since you're here, you've obviously seen the new site. We hope you like it! We're very pleased with it, both aesthetically and functionally, but after weeks of work, we're kind of committed to being happy about it. Please feel free to check it out. Our store is brand new, with a new, more powerful shopping […] Read More