A Shabbos-Related Reading Poll

In addition to being a publisher, I try my best to fill quite a lot of other roles. At the top of my list is being a mom.

In that role of mom, and with my love of books in general and Jewish books in particular, I have started bringing Jewish kids’ books for my children to look at when they need to be with me and there’s no childcare in shul. (A big thanks to my friend Rachel for putting together two of my passions and suggesting what should have been obvious to me.)

So for my Jewish readers, that got me thinking: do you or your children read something other than the Torah while in shul? If so, what subjects?

I’ll throw out a few possibilities, but feel free to be original with your answers:

  1. Only Torah for me on Shabbos; anything else is narishkeit.
  2. Anything related to the Torah, which would be, really, anything.
  3. Something with a Jewish theme or author, from Colossal Boy to the Myron Bolitar series (Harlan Coben) to The Rabbi’s Cat.
  4. Only Jewish non-fiction; I don’t want to be entertained.
  5. There are Jewish kids’ books out there?
  6. I can’t tell you; I’m the rabbi/rabbi’s spouse/rabbi’s kid.

What are you or your kids going to be reading on Shabbos?

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