By the Numbers

I want to welcome Yaldah’s newest author as of today, Dori Weinstein, who has written the first in a series of Jewish YA novels! Details to come a bit later on her background and her books. Welcome Dori!

Also today, September 1, 2009, is Yaldah Publishing’s sixth publishing anniversary. Seven books, six years, five authors, four years of blogging, three children, two states, one award, and counting.

And coming up next, the paperback edition of Like a Maccabee by Barbara Bietz, and the debut of award-winning author Sylvia Rouss‘ first children’s chapter book, Mitzvah the Mutt!

I’m hoping you’ll be interested in more of a behind-the-scenes look at publishing (similar to the Birth of a Book series), as I thought I’d use future posts to not only talk about some of the changes going on in the publishing industry (and how it relates to both published and not-yet-published writers) but also a real-time overview of the process as Mitzvah the Mutt gets closer and closer to an on-the-shelf reality.

Stay tuned!

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