“Destined to Choose” Receives Glowing Review

Ellen at The Preppy Yogini posted a beautiful review of Destined to Choose by Sheyna Galyan. In her review, Ellen compares this debut novel favorably to works by Naomi Ragen and Dara Horn, as well as the “Harmony” series by Phillip Gulley.

Calling the novel “very readable” and “approachable to non-Jews, educational for all readers and feels familiar to Jewish readers,” Ellen goes on to say:

What makes “Destined to Choose” so unique is the fresh voice of Galyan’s writing. She has a remarkable talent for weaving together spirituality, character development, educational asides and entertaining prose.”

You’ll want to read the full review at The Preppy Yogini!

Destined to Choose: A Rabbi David Cohen Novel is available at Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com, on order from your local bookstore, and from the Yaldah Publishing website.

Sheyna Galyan’s second novel in the series, Strength to Stand, is expected to be out later this year.

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