In 59 minutes (local time), LIKE A MACCABEE will be released for sale!

This has been a year-long journey with truly wonderful results and an awesome group of people with whom I’ve been working. Everyone who has read the book loves it and some GREAT reviews are expected, especially as we get toward the Chanukah season (some reviewers are holding off on publishing their reviews until December issues of their magazines and journals).

Check it out on the Yaldah web site, where you can read the first chapter, download some free bookmarks, see when the author will be speaking and where, visit the author’s web site, and much more!

Still want to hear the story of how this all happened, from the perspective of a small independent publisher? That starts this week (I promise)!

(And if you don’t see it as soon as you’d like, send me an e-mail to nudge me!)

More to come shortly!

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