New blogging schedule

We’re going to try something new here. Experience—and a goodly amount of psychology—confirm that doing a task daily makes it easier to perform that task than doing that same task intermittently. The journalist in me says I should now cite at least two separate, authoritative sources to prove that statement. That’s going to take time away from what I really want to write about, so if you doubt my premise, feel free to do the research.

Blogging is one of those tasks. Intermittent becomes occasional becomes infrequent and before long, the blog has sat idle for months, or (gasp) years. So we’re going for the daily route.

Starting today, and every weekday except national and Jewish holidays (Sunglasses Day doesn’t count) we’ll blog on topics according to the following schedule:

  • Monday: Manuscripts (submission, editing, formatting, queries, finding a publisher, etc.)
  • Tuesday: Technology (ebooks, social media, mobile devices, how book printing is changing, etc.)
  • Wednesday: Writers and Writing (what publishers are looking for, royalties, marketing your book, writing clinics, etc.)
  • Thursday: MyTHs vs. TruTHs in Publishing (separating the facts from the sales pitches from the misinformation)
  • Friday: Fun (anything that strikes my fancy—or my funny bone)



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