Read two manuscripts over the weekend. One I made an offer on and I hope it ends in a signed contract. The other I’m uncertain about. Great writing, but the story is not what I expected and it feels a little disjointed. I’ll have to sit with it a bit and then talk to the author.

Meanwhile, three other manuscripts to read, one of which is a rewritten version I’d turned down previously. Things are coming together for a custom photograph for the cover of Amy Ariel’s book, “Friends Forever,” ideas are floating about for the cover of “Strength to Stand” and I’m talking to artists about a themed cover series for Dori Weinstein’s YaYa/YoYo Jewish tween twin series (try saying that ten times fast!).

Mitzvah is now on Amazon, and I’ll be uploading info for their Look Inside the Book feature. Or you can read the first chapter on the Yaldah website at . Copies of Mitzvah are also going out for reviews; if you are interested in reviewing Sylvia Rouss’ first chapter book, send me an email and we’ll work it out.

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