“Special Edition” of Like a Maccabee

From time to time, publishers encounter printer errors and as much as we strive for excellence, it’s a part of the business. Sometimes these books are sold as “hurt” copies. What is a “hurt” copy? In many cases, “hurt” books are ones with scratched covers or small tears on the pages. They’re perfectly good books, but can’t be sold as new due to cosmetic damage.

However, we have a few copies of Like a Maccabee with the printer error issue. These copies are brand-new and in excellent condition inside and out except for one thing: the last line of text didn’t print on the bottom of page 67. That line has been fixed and added to the bottom of the page so the text is now complete, but we can’t sell it as new. Our error is your gain!

We’ve offered a few copies on eBay here and here and here and we’ll look at adding a separate “hurt” book page on our web site.

If you’d like to own a copy of Like a Maccabee but don’t want to pay full price, this is an excellent option – a brand new book for a fraction of the cost!

And if you’re looking at books from other independent publishers, ask them about “hurt” copies either sold directly or through eBay or another outlet. It can be an economical choice for your personal library.

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