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I took a class last year at PMA-U (think college for publishers) on publisher’s websites and came home with pages upon pages of notes quickly scribbled with a dying pen while sitting in a cramped conference chair. But ever since then, I’ve wanted—some might say needed—to redesign and update the Yaldah site.

Now finally I have the time, energy, resources, and drive to get it done. Or in the process of getting done. Some fifteen hours have been put into it so far, though I think it might be completed with only another ten or so. It’s too bad I don’t get paid by the hour. (Wait, do I get paid at all? Hm…)

I suppose I could have had it done in less time, but the designer in me wants all the various text and images and such to line up just so with a pleasing but not ostentatious amount of white space. Times like this I start to wonder if perhaps I’m in the wrong business, but then I remember how much more excited I am at the prospect of getting the next book in print and I know I’m where I belong.

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