Jessica Fishman

Chutzpah & High Heels: The Search for Love and Identity in the Holy Land


After moving to Israel, Jessica Fishman survives the many landmines of Israeli culture, but finally meets one obstacle that tests the core of her identity.


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by Jessica Fishman

Having grown up in Minnesota, Jessica Fishman moves to a land in the Middle East that is full of idiosyncrasies, terrorists, and beautiful, olive-skinned men. When she arrives in Israel, she is a wide-eyed immigrant hoping to survive on Zionism. But instead of working the land on a kibbutz or being swept off her feet by a strong, sensitive Israeli soldier, Jessica is faced with a barrage of ridiculous obstacles. She overcomes notorious Israeli bureaucracy, makes embarrassing mistakes learning Hebrew, serves in an army of teenagers, and dates cocky Israelis, until she finally meets one obstacle, rooted in the very ideology that brought her to Israel, that tests the core of her identity. With self-deprecating wit, Jessica takes us on a personal journey through these challenges, weaving a humorous yet heartbreaking tale about losing and finding identity, and offering a seldom-before-seen snapshot of Israeli culture.

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February 7, 2017



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Jessica Fishman


  1. Rabbi Susan Silverman

    “Jessica tells the story of her struggle for authenticity and belonging with honesty and humor, even as we spiral, intensely, to the core of her being and identity—to her unapologetic, truest self.”
    Rabbi Susan Silverman, activist and author of Casting Lots: Creating a Family in a Beautiful, Broken World

  2. Rabbi Uri Regev, Esq.

    “Jessica’s story provides a critical perspective for both Israelis and American Jewry. For all its sharp criticism of different facets of life in Israel, it is a Zionist treatise anchored in a deep love for the State and its people. At the same time, it presents a challenging indictment of the new generation of American Jewry. This is not a story of black and white, but rather of Jewish life’s complexity, of core values, and of the realities facing both major Jewish communities.”
    Rabbi Uri Regev, Esq., CEO of Hiddush – Freedom of Religion for Israel, Inc.

  3. Mark Lavie

    “With wit, wisdom, and tears, Jessica Fishman, an idealist, a Zionist, and a Jew everywhere but Israel, tells of her encounter with Israel’s despicable refusal to accept non-Orthodox conversions. She wins some and loses some as she engages our emotions together with hers.”
    Mark Lavie, award-winning journalist covering the Middle East, and author of Broken Spring

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